Free Character Animation Maker

Work with PNG and PSD

Turn static PNG image or PSD layers to animated characters. Simply import your PNG or PSD file into Mango Animate Character Animation Maker, add bones, edit poses, apply dynamic animations, and bring your artwork to life.

Various Character Animation Resources

Explore a library of ready to use animated characters. Each character is professionally designed and fully rigged. Simply select a cartoon character to animate and you can instantly use it in any project.

Huge Motion Library

Use pre-made motions to create free character animation faster and easier. Access a vast library of dynamic facial expressions and body movements. Simply drag and drop motions onto the timeline. Animating a cartoon character has never been easier.

Infinite Customization

Swap outfits and accessories for your animated character with a simple click. Select from all kinds of vivid facial features and beautiful decorative items to build your unique animated character in seconds.

Intuitive IK Control

Use the smart and intuitive Ik (Inverse Kinematic) feature to edit character posing and movement. Then the animation of your cartoon character can play more naturally and logically. Mango Animate Character Animation Maker gives you the power to create precise and intuitive animation effortlessly.

Export and Share Easily

Export your characters and animations in various formats (MP4, MOV, PNG, or animated GIF). Share your wonderful artwork on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to reach a wider audience.